Destructive Dog: How To Correct His Behavior?

Shoes, cables, pens and markers, sofa, rugs, dog cushions, and even the trash can: a destructive dog will stop at nothing! In a matter of hours, the wildest dogs can turn the whole apartment, including furniture, upside down. But why are some dogs caught up in such destructive madness? How to make a destructive dog […]


How To Train Your Parrot? Step by Step!!

The first step in teaching your bird to vocalize is to bond with your feathered friend and make reasonable expectations of them. Indeed, not all species of parrots can speak. And even those who have the ability sometimes choose not to use it. To determine if your tropical bird is a good candidate for learning […]

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Learn About Suitable Habitat For Lovebirds!

Space to Let off Steam Because of their small size, lovebirds are often placed in cages too narrow. These little balls of energy need enough space to let off steam. Suitable Habitat For Lovebirds We consider that a cage for housing a pair of inseparable birds must have minimum dimensions of 1 x 0.5 x […]


Zebra Finches Are Not Lonely! See Theme

Zebra Finches Are Not Lonely Zebra finches are very social birds. In Australia, their region of origin, they live in groups, and it is only in good company that they are fully happy. Hence, you should always adopt your zebra finches by even number. A Comfortable Habitat The essential condition before the birth of small […]


How Can You Teach Your Dog At Home?

When a dog spins in circles on command or nods, you can be sure to arouse awe around you and receive thunderous applause. But much more important than surprising those around you, that’s how your dog feels. Fortunately, most dogs are naturally curious. They like to keep busy and exert themselves physically. If they are […]

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What Problems Can Arise if I Want To Train An Adult Dog?

Training An Adult Dog There are also downsides to training an adult dog. The behaviors of an adult dog have usually already consolidated over the months or even years. If behavior is suddenly no longer desired by its owner, dogs react with stubbornness and instability. Changing an acquired behavior requires a lot of effort on […]


How Should I Train An Adult Dog?

The sooner dogs learn the basics of education, the fewer problems they will have with humans afterward, that’s for sure. But what if a puppy has not received such an education? Can we also train an adult dog? We’ll show you what to watch out for when educating an adult dog, and 7 exercises you […]